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Subcontractor/Consultant Forms

Subcontractors/consultants must use the following standard company forms for payment of services. Please note that there are four required forms for any subcontracting/consulting billing as provided below:



Part 1: Cover Letter

An example cover letter is provided for subcontracting/consulting. Note that the letter contains the "Certificate of Performance" statement which must be signed by the subcontractor/consultant.


Part 2: Summary of Work Performed

Each subcontractor/consultant submission must contain a Summary of Work Performed Report that details the: technical efforts completed, problems encountered, work planned for next period, schedule/milestones, and deliveries for the period.


Part 3: Running Report

Each subcontractor/consultant submission must contain a Running Total Report that details the funding summary and amounts remaining.


Part 4: Invoice

Each subcontractor/consultant submission must submit a valid invoice that details the costs incurred for the work period.

NEWS: IApioneer™ 3.0 Released

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