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Placing primary emphasis on multiple proficiency domains, IAVO Research and Scientific provides algorithm and software development, research, production, and consulting services.

We specialize in the following advanced and diversified sciences (1) imagery, (2) behavioral, (3) fusion, (4) power management, and (5) advanced analytics evaluation and assessment:



The imagery services group was formed in response to the ever-increasing user base interested in "geodata". This includes the US Government (e.g., military, transportation, interior, commerce, justice, etc.), local and state governments, developers, and many more.

Two trends in this regard have really encouraged this. One is the acceptance and availability of high-resolution imagery (from both spaceborne and airborne systems), and the other is the explosion of geographic information systems (or GIS).

More information is available from the dedicated imagery services subsite.



The behavioral modeling services group was also formed in response to the ever-increasing user base interested discovering the complex interrelations of human behavior. Granted, this is a hugely demanding problem set, and as a result, there is opportunity for any business offering this specialization(s).

Users for behavior modeling include law enforcement, buying services, educators, security, and more.

The one discriminator we bring to this problem domain is an ability to include spatial and non-spatial techniques; and this clearly is a progressive, innovative philosophy.

More information is available from the dedicated behavioral modeling services subsite.



The fusion science services group was formed in response to a historic and continually increasing demand to combine information from dissimilar sources in order to improve the performance of a system that would be more accurate than by using any single source.

Our expertise and work currently spans the design, development and integration of advanced data fusion and tracking algorithms into distributed architectures; developing innovative techniques and algorithms to investigate optimal platform routing that optimizes collection for fusion metric benefits, while also satisfying collection and de-confliction requirements; and the development of rigorous and innovative techniques to model and expose enemy networks, actions, reactions and courses of action.

More information is available from the dedicated fusion services subsite.


Dynamic Power Management

IAVO is developing innovative methods for automated real-time power management capabilities that will ensure optimization of fuel resources, predict future energy requirements and create aggregate level models for dynamic management of devices within an integrated power system. Needs to monitor and control energy resources will increase as existing systems are retrofit with newer technologies. As new devices are added to an existing system, the power control model will need to account for, and adapt to, these changes without requiring extensive overhauls - which can significantly increase a total ownership costs. Dynamic power management and optimization systems help ensure costs are minimized while maximizing energy output efficiency.

More information is available from the dedicated power management subsite.


Advanced Analytics Evaluation and Assessment Consulting

IAVO offers advanced analytical services helping clients explore their data, providing guiding answers to critical business questions. This includes determining how data should be used to improve processes and optimize performance - as well as developing recommendations for automated processes that allow organizations to perform their own ongoing analyses thereafter.

More information is available from the dedicated advanced analytics subsite.


Contacting Us

For more information on these services, please use our contacts page or call 919-433-2400.

NEWS: IApioneer™ 3.0 Released

IAVO Research and Scientific announces the release of its fully integrated geo-software suite.

Visit the IApioneer™ website for more information and to download a free copy.

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