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Company Overview

Founded in 2000, IAVO Research and Scientific offers a unique blend of technical and business knowledge. We serve as a sciences and software development firm, focusing on the domain thrusts: (1) advanced geospatial science with emphases on visual processing, remote sensing, image processing, photogrammetry, fusion, and advanced visualization; and (2) complex quantitative sciences such as behavioral modeling, advanced analytics, quantitative sociology, and linear structures. In 2009, we added the areas: (1) fusion sciences and (2) dynamic power management to our portfolio. Thus, our expertise covers a range of proven and emerging technologies in both theoretical and applied sciences for government, private industry, and academia.



With the growing scope, acceptance, and use of advanced geospatial, imaging, and social modeling technologies, it is important to recognize and respond effectively to the interrelationships among customers’ varied needs. Practical experience in solutions engineering, decision-critical analysis, advanced image processing algorithm development and services, facilitation, technology insertion, automated reasoning, advanced statistics and predictive modeling offer us broad ranging experience and service capability. Combined with our thorough grasp of each scientific, engineering, and business situation, this expertise enables us to create opportunities that are distinctive in their innovation, efficiency, and flexibility. We provide solutions, market intelligence, guidance, and strategic assistance, whether addressing a customer's existing programs or initiating new ventures, by:

  • Determining applications and market opportunities;
  • Determining, assessing, or developing requirements;
  • Evaluating competitive environments;
  • Enabling novel technological designs through assistance or research and development;
  • Executing effective market strategies; and
  • Providing services that map directly to client needs.



Our business builds upon the philosophy expressed above by leveraging a variety of research, analysis, production, and modeling skills; and we are confident in that the cornerstone of our work relies on: 

  • Innovation;
  • Flexibility and agility;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Task-specificity;
  • Responsiveness; and
  • Quantifiable performance.


NEWS: IApioneer™ 3.0 Released

IAVO Research and Scientific announces the release of its fully integrated geo-software suite.

Visit the IApioneer™ website for more information and to download a free copy.

Research and Scientific

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